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WaterPlan combines in-depth global water industry knowledge with specialized marketing and communications training to ensure meaningful contact with your target audience.

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Leslie Wilson â€“ Operations + Production

Leslie is a highly organized Manager with experience rolling out environmental projects for retailers, non-profits and government. She understands and utilizes project management tools to align programs to business goals. Her strong communication skills are backed by her Masters in Communication and years spent working at Ryerson University on research projects. She is personally invested in reducing environmental impacts and is drawn to implementing ideas that connect people to a healthier planet.

Connect with Leslie: leslie@waterplan.ca

Hilmar Hilmarsson â€“ Creative + Design

Hilmar is an Icelandic Graphic Designer who has worked in the profession since 1995. He is a founder of J&L, one of the busiest and most respected advertising, marketing and PR agencies in Reykjavik. Hilmar has worked with municipalities, ministries, large arts organisations, banks, and a wide variety of entrepreneurs. Hilmar studied in Reykjavik, London and Arizona and he has won numerous national and international awards for his work in design and marketing.

Connect with Hilmar: hilmar@waterplan.ca

Evan Pilkington – Client Engagement

Evan has successfully managed large-scale public relations campaign commitments and complex behavioural field data collection programs for government and private sector clients across North America, the United Kingdom, East Africa, and the Philippines. Highlights from these years include working for Dr. Jane Goodall to assist with a rural outreach and capacity building initiative while living in Tanzania, delivering the UK’s first residential water efficiency retrofit campaign for Essex and Suffolk Water, and launching blueW.org.

Connect with Evan: evanp@waterplan.ca


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