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WaterPlan staff have designed and delivered Community Drinking Water Access Strategies (CDWAS) for public and private sector clients across North America, the United Kingdom, France, East Africa and the Philippines. WaterPlan staff hold honours degrees from leading North American universities and possess post-graduate training in WASH Management for Behaviour Change from Australia’s International Water Centre. WaterPlan staff have also participated in McGill University’s Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Management & Governance program and the World Bank’s International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET).


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Drinking Water Access Audit

Where do people go to find drinking water in your community when they are thirsty, attending civic events, or during emergencies?

Drinking Water Access Strategy

A Community Drinking Water Access Strategy (CDWAS) will outline the most cost-effective steps for increasing public drinking water access.

Program Delivery and Evaluation

The best team of technology vendors and service providers are brought together to service your community water access needs.

Programs Catalogue

In the coming days, this section will summarize the full range of technology companies and service providers we represent and have worked with to increase public access to free drinking water. Return to this section soon for more information...  
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