What is your company's water liability, today and in the future?

What does this liability mean financially?

Which water efficiency improvement projects would be most cost-effective?

What is your company's financial risk exposure in a water constrained market?

Can you produce a comprehensive water use report for shareholders and investors?

How can you manage all of this?


The extent to which a company or an organization tackles its inefficient water usage has become a critical consideration for investors and consumers. Clients who use WaterPlan to improve their water efficiency today will have a competitive advantage over companies that choose to wait.


Investors and analysts recognize that water consumption represents a real business cost. They look at water assets and liabilities as they would with any other item on a company's accounting balance sheet.

If investors feel a company is not strategically managing its share of water resources, this will be reflected in the share price. Long-term business success requires an ongoing effort to operate more efficiently and to manage water as an essential resource.

WaterPlan and our expert team of Freshwater Accountants can assist your business in meeting its water use reduction and reporting goals.


A company's social license to operate in any market depends on constructive dialogue between the different stakeholders, community members, investors and others about how precious water resources will be shared to meet competing demands.

Communication is essential to the ongoing success of your company's water management program. We provide a set of resources to assist your in-house marketing and communications teams and to external agencies, to translate your water management activity into compelling propositions, programs and print materials for both internal and external audiences.

  • Facility water audits and water use data collection
  • Water use reporting for shareholders / investors / compliance
  • Water efficiency strategy design
  • Intra-watershed water offset program design and delivery
  • Water conservation education program design and delivery
  • Community engagement strategy design and delivery

WaterPlan offers comprehensive freshwater accounting and outreach services to industrial, commercial and institutional clients. What truly differentiates WaterPlan is our ability to promote efficiency in industry and to improve the lives of the communities beyond the industrial fence line.

WaterPlan donates a significant percentage of our project earnings to localized, measurable water conservation and management projects to balance against any unavoidable daily water use we could not successfully reduce during our project delivery. Please view the links below for programs supported by WaterPlan.

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